Why Should I Get a Video Inspection of My Plumbing?

Plumber using a video camera to inspect a floor drain

Homeowners often take their plumbing for granted. They expect the pipes to flow freely for the long haul, with no obstructions getting in the way and giving them unexpected headaches. However, most plumbing systems can’t function under this “out of sight, out of mind” attitude for long. If there’s a problem slowly building within your system, you could have a plumbing emergency on your hands before you know it. 

Homeowners wanting to take a proactive approach to deal with potential problems might try various DIY solutions to try and keep their plumbing running smoothly. Still, it could potentially lead to more serious issues. They have to ask themselves, should I get a plumbing video inspection for my home? What are the potential benefits? 

Find Blockages Before They Worsen

One of the most common problems with your plumbing that can take a while to present themselves is blockages deep within the pipes. As your system snakes throughout your home, there are corners and other areas where obstructions can form and continue to accumulate mass. The bigger these masses get, the more likely they will cause havoc on your plumbing. 

If you’ve noticed that your drains are running slower than usual, it could point to a blockage within your pipes. A plunger or a snake can help with issues further up the pipe, but they aren’t quite as effective with problems further down. A thorough video camera inspection can help identify these plumbing issues and direct you toward what the next steps may look like. 

Know What the Clog Is Made From

Before the Express Drains team can recommend how to clear the blockage, we need to know what it’s made from. Different materials can get into your drains, have difficulty making it out, and begin forming these pesky blockages. Knowing what the clog is made from helps us determine which method would be best utilized for this situation. 

Our plumbing inspection cameras will help us determine if something from the bathroom shouldn’t have been flushed in the first place or if it’s an encroaching tree root. Our technicians will use the footage to identify and understand what we’re dealing with. From there, we’ll determine what techniques will serve us best. 

Locate Troublesome Leaks 

Sometimes you know there is a leak in your plumbing system based on unexpected rises in your water utility bill. However, that doesn’t always mean you know where it actually IS. Locating troublesome leaks doesn’t have to feel like finding a needle in a damp haystack — video inspections can work wonders in finding potential leaks. 

The cameras can inspect every aspect of your plumbing, look for leaks, and identify where your plumbers need to focus next. Knowing where the leak originated from allows us to get to the root cause without wasting too much time trying to find it the old-fashioned way. 

Least Invasive Option

In the case of sewer or water line issues, homeowners used to have to resort to invasive — and expensive — digging solutions to identify potential problems. These methods would help find the source of the issue; however, they could do untold amounts of damage to your system and not yield the desired results. A video inspection allows you to check out the remote stretches of your plumbing without having to dig up large sections of your yard. 

Trust Express Plumbing and Drains With Your Next Video Inspection

When you want a thorough inspection of your plumbing system, you need experienced plumbing contractors in Warminster, PA, to handle the job. Our staff has worked on countless homes throughout the area, understanding what makes their systems tick and how our video inspections can help. We work with our customers to quickly identify issues with their plumbing systems, so they don’t become a more serious problem down the road. Contact our team to schedule your next inspection today!

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