What’s the Difference Between Drain Cleaning and Drain Clearing?

“Clearing” and “cleaning” can be synonyms in some contexts, but in the world of drains, these terms refer to two very different processes designed to meet differing needs. Both cleaning and clearing have their uses and can drastically improve the functionality of your plumbing system, but your plumber may recommend one or the other depending on your situation. It is important to hire the right drain cleaning business in Warminster, PA and communicate with your plumber and describe your problem so that they can accurately determine what strategy is best for you. There are several reasons a plumber may cite when deciding which method to use for your home or business.  


If your piping system is relatively new but being held up by one pesky clog, then drain clearing by itself might do the trick for you. During clearing, the plumber breaks up the offending clog with a tool called a “snake”. Plumbing snakes consist of small metal blades that are attached to a heavy duty cable and powered by a motor. The blades are designed to spin and break up clogs when the motor is turned on. Drain pipe clearing in Warminster, PA is the less invasive of the two methods and is ideal for older piping systems that may be more fragile. 

Normal water flow can typically resume once the clog is broken up, but in some cases, the problem might not be fully solved. Drain clearing is considered more of a “quick fix” for clogged pipes. It leaves remnants of past clogs behind, which can stick to your pipes and make it more likely that they will become clogged again in the near future.  


If you find yourself constantly having to snake your clogged pipes, then it may be time for a thorough drain cleaning. Drain cleaning involves running highly pressurized water through your pipes with a specialized hose. This process can remove any clogs or grease buildup on the walls of your pipes. Cleaning your pipes like this can solve any existing problems and help prevent future buildup from occurring. Drain cleaning is more invasive but can help save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for future plumber visits. 

Drain cleaning and clearing can both help your plumbing run better, but a more long-term solution like cleaning may be in order if your pipes have chronic problems. It is important to consult with an experienced professional to ensure that you’re choosing the best method for your needs. For more information on drain cleaning, clogged grease trap services, and all things plumbing, reach out to the emergency grease trap cleaning experts at Express Drain today!

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