What to Expect During Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional plumber may be a simple process with the right company, but many people don’t know what actually happens once said plumber shows up at their door. If you’re having urgent plumbing problems such as water backing up into the bathtub or clogged drains, you likely want to ensure that what we’re doing solves your problem once and for all.

That’s why we’re taking some time to shed some light on what we do for homeowners throughout Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas. If you’ve ever wondered about what goes on during professional drain cleaning services, this guide is for you! Here’s what you can expect when you call our professional plumbers.

Initial Inspection

Just like a mechanic has to inspect your car to find out what’s going on, our plumbers will need to take a closer look at your plumbing system. Drain cleaning services always start with an inspection, whether we perform a camera inspection or another type of overview. Camera inspections are particularly useful because they enable plumbing services professionals to see exactly where clogs might be located — and what kind of things might be causing these clogs.

Expert Recommendation

Once plumbing experts have examined your drain lines, sewage pipes, and faucet pipes for plumbing issues, they’ll recommend the best type of drain cleaning for your particular situation. Most likely, they will recommend hydro jetting (cleaning out your pipes with pressurized water jets). However, hydro jetting cast iron pipes that are older or delicate can lead to damage in certain situations. If your pipes are sensitive, plumbers may recommend the use of a plumbing auger (also called a “drain snake”) instead. There are a few other techniques plumbers may rely on for stubborn clogs. Some plumbers swear by pouring boiling hot water down your drain to remove all that yucky stuff, while others use baking soda and vinegar or other natural chemical reactions to get the process started. 

Coming Clean

Once you give plumbers the go-ahead to begin cleaning your drains with the recommended method, they’ll get to work removing all that excess gunk and grime from your drain pipes. No matter their method, you can rest assured that the nasty buildup will flush safely into your sewer line, so you won’t have to worry about clogs or sewage waste backup.

You may wonder why plumbers don’t use liquid drain cleaners. After all, many of these products are called “instant plumber” or “plumbing fix,” right? In fact, liquid drain cleaners actually harm your home’s plumbing. They can damage everything from your drains to your entire sewer system. If you must attempt DIY drain cleaning, skip the caustic chemicals — or you may find yourself paying a hefty chunk of change later down the line. 

Final Steps

Once plumbers are finished with your drain cleaning and satisfied that your system has been truly flushed out, they’ll double-check problem areas and ensure all your queries are answered. Do you have other plumbing issues you’ve noticed in your home? Now’s not the time to stay quiet about those suspicious water leaks in your basement or that gurgling toilet drain. Speak up and ensure plumbers know about other issues so you can get help now rather than worrying about scheduling service later.

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We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about the drain cleaning process! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to speak with us anytime. Want to know if drain cleaning is right for you? Have other plumbing issues? Just want to modernize your home with a new tankless water heater? The friendly certified plumbers at Express Drains are only one call or click away. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be in touch soon!

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