Grease Trap Service

If you run a restaurant or any other type of business that uses a kitchen, it’s crucial to schedule grease trap services regularly. Your grease trap contains oils and animal fats in wastewater that must flow through your pipes before reaching sewer lines — letting this grease build-up can lead to clogged lines, foul smells, and other potentially hazardous consequences. Just like anything else, your grease trap requires routine maintenance to make sure they are functioning correctly and not causing any problems.

If you have a clogged grease trap and your restaurant needs local commercial grease trap cleaning services near Warminster, PA, the team at Express Drains is up to the challenge. At Express Drains, we take a thorough approach to cleaning out and pumping out your grease trap or tank. Our trusted grease trap pumping service includes completely removing all the grease, sediment, and grease-laden water from the trap. We can accurately assess the state of your grease trap system and carry out grease trap removal, pump-out, and maintenance whenever necessary. We also provide additional plumbing services with advanced technology, including hydro jetting and plumbing camera integration.

Grease Trap Maintenance And Replacement

One way to tell it’s time to replace your grease trap is when your local municipality requests an inspection due to grease leaking into the local water system. If possible, you should let us perform grease trap maintenance before it gets to this point. Consider replacing the system if it continually backs up, becomes too hard to clean, or smells badly in your kitchen.

Emergency Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services

There’s never a good time for your grease trap to stop functioning correctly. While our grease tank cleaning and pumping services ensure the overall health and longevity of your system, we understand that untimely accidents happen, and that’s when our emergency grease trap cleaning services can save the day. We strive to keep your facility running smoothly, with as minimal downtime as possible, while we do the necessary work to address your concerns. Our restaurant grease trap cleaning services will leave you feeling comfortable with the state of your plumbing system and all of its related infrastructure.


How Do You Clean A Grease Trap?

Our dedicated team uses specialized service equipment, such as compact vacuum trucks and utility vehicles, to remove water and grease from your trap (including any of its hard-to-access interior pockets).

What Can I Do to Maintain a Grease Trap?

The grease trap experts at Express Drains can assist you in preventive maintenance that will help you avoid expensive backups and overflows. We can examine your system for wear or damage, inspect your drain covers, and provide your facility with materials that cover proper care practices.

How Frequently Should I Have My Grease Trap Serviced?

The service frequency is determined by the amount of grease your establishment produces, as well as the size of your trap. Our reputable grease trap maintenance company can work with you to determine a service schedule that is compliant with applicable regulations.

If you frequently deal with a clogged grease trap and seek a permanent solution in the Warminster, PA area, call us today to schedule your grease tank cleaning appointment or to learn more about our local commercial grease trap cleaning service. We can perform grease trap cleanout, pumping service, and removal to ensure your staff and guests can promptly get back to experiencing your facility’s full functionality.

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