Gross! Why Does My Kitchen Sink Smell?

The kitchen sink and garbage disposal in your home do a lot — so much, in fact, that when they stop doing their jobs the right way, you’re bound to notice. A foul smell coming from your kitchen sink can send you into a panic. Not to mention, it’s tough to get any cooking or cleaning done when your kitchen sink smells like death itself! Here, we’ll look into a few common reasons why kitchen sinks smell — and what you can do about it.

A Note On Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners and other drain cleaning chemicals may promise a quick solution to drain clogs, but they actually do a lot of damage to your pipes. Even the strongest metals can be affected by the caustic and acidic solutions used in drain cleaners, and over time, they can end up eating holes in your pipes. While it may not feel like the more affordable option at the moment, calling a plumber now is better than having to replace your entire plumbing system in a year!

Food Waste

Does your kitchen sink smell no matter how much dish soap you’re pouring down the drain? Food debris in the garbage disposal is the #1 culprit for why kitchen sinks smell. If your garbage disposal blades are clogged, or your disposal has another problem impeding its ability to send waste down the drain properly, food particles rot in the disposal, causing disgusting odors.

To determine if this is the reason why your kitchen sink smells, you will have to turn off your disposal and use a flashlight to check carefully for any leftover food. Before you reach into your disposal without knowing what you’re doing, you should contact plumbing services professionals to have a look so they can assess if your garbage disposal needs to be repaired.

Blocked Drain

If your garbage disposal is fine, the issue might go deeper than you initially thought — you could have a blocked drain. If this is the case, your drain smells because of whatever is stuck in your pipes. If you want to give a home remedy a try, reach for baking soda and vinegar. Follow these steps:

  1. Pour a pot of boiling water into the drain.
  2. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a mixture of one cup water and one cup white vinegar.
  3. Cover the drain with the drain plug and wait 5-10 minutes.
  4. Pour another pot of boiling water down the drain.

Drain still blocked? It could be an object that won’t respond to the baking soda and vinegar treatment. You might assume you know how to retrieve items from sink drains, but follow this guide if you intend to reach in so that you can be absolutely sure you don’t hurt yourself or get stuck.

Oil or Grease

Grease and oil can be another reason why kitchen sinks smell. When you pour grease down the drain, it solidifies in pipes, causing blockages. Sometimes, the oil itself can also be the reason why kitchen sinks smell since it rots over time. Avoid pouring oil and grease down the drain to prevent these drain smells — even if you have a garbage disposal. Freeze it instead and toss it out with the trash.

Sewer Gases

It may not be a surprise to you that the average sewer smells pretty bad. However, this shouldn’t be the reason why a kitchen sink smells — unless something’s wrong with your plumbing system. Your plumbing vent regulates airflow into the drains of your kitchen sink, so this may be the place plumbers check first. Sewer gas coming up through your drain isn’t only disgusting to smell; it can also put you and your family at risk because it’s toxic. If you suspect this problem, make sure to call a plumber ASAP. 

Sewage Backup

Watch out for foul-smelling discharge flowing from your kitchen sink drain. If sewer gases didn’t sound gross enough, sometimes the reason why kitchen sinks smell is due to sewage backup. If you’re dealing with sewage coming up through bathtubs or flowing back into your toilet after flushing, this is another sign it’s time to get in touch with professionals. 

Put Down the Plunger!

Next time you’re wondering why your kitchen sink smells, stop wrestling with the plunger and contact Express Drains. Our qualified, professional, and efficient team will handle all of your plumbing problems as soon as possible. We can fix everything — AND the kitchen sink!

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