Grease Trap Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Restaurants all throughout the Philadelphia area use grease traps to prevent heavy grease buildup from entering the municipal collection system. Just like anything else, these tanks require routine maintenance to make sure they are functioning properly and not causing any problems.

If your restaurant needs professional grease trap cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA, the team at Express Drains is up to the challenge. At Express Drains, we take a thorough approach to cleaning your grease trap. Our trusted process includes completely removing all the grease, sediment, and grease-laden water from the trap.

Our team of professionals will also perform a detailed evaluation of your system to make sure all things are working as they should. Our goal at Express Drains is to keep your facility running smoothly, with as minimal downtime as possible, while we do the necessary work and go out of our way to address your concerns. We’ll leave you feeling comfortable with the state of your plumbing system and its related infrastructure.

If you’ve been noticing issues with your grease trap in the Philadelphia area, call Express Drains today to schedule your grease trap cleaning appointment or learn more about the plumbing services we offer.

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