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If you live or work in Bensalem, PA, and you are experiencing issues with your plumbing, Express Drains can help you return your pipes to normalcy. From unclogging drains and sewer lines to performing plumbing inspections with high-resolution drain pipe cameras and blasting away blockage with high-power jet pipe cleaning equipment, we can do it all.

Here’s a brief summary of the many services we perform on sewage pipes throughout Bensalem, PA, and beyond:

  • Drain Cleaning & Jetting Services
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Sewer Inspections With a Plumbing Video Camera
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • And Much More!

To learn more about hydro jet drain cleaning and the other plumbing services we provide to homes and businesses in Bensalem, PA, continue reading below.


Have you ever noticed something wasn’t quite right with your plumbing system, but couldn’t figure out what, if anything, was wrong? That’s where drain pipe cameras come in. Express Drains is the company to call anytime you need a sewer video inspection. We use high-resolution sewer inspection cameras to identify hidden problems buried deep in your plumbing system. Once the problem has been identified, we can provide you with a range of solutions.


In many cases, the solution to your plumbing problems is hydro jet cleaning, also known as jet pipe cleaning. Hydro jetting can clean out drains and unclog sewer lines, thanks to the powerful 35,000-psi system we use. If you are searching for affordable, highly effective drain cleaning services, Express Drains can provide the skills and resources you never thought you’d find. So, the next time you need to clear a clogged drain, you know who to call.


In many cases, clearing a clogged drain requires you to clean out the sewer line. In other words, plumbing problems that occur inside of your home are often connected to a problem that lies deep in your sewer. Fortunately, Express Drains offers elite sewer cleaning services to homes and businesses located in Bensalem, PA. Just give us a call if you suspect something sketchy is going on in your sewers, and we will promptly inspect and address the problem for you.


When restaurants and other food-related businesses in Bensalem, PA, need someone to pump out their grease traps, they turn to Express Drains to get the job done right. When your business chooses us for grease trap cleanouts, you can rest assured that all the grease trapped in your plumbing will be pumped out.


If you are currently struggling with a plumbing malfunction that seems insurmountable, call Express Drains to send a team of licensed plumbing contractors your way. No matter how stubborn your issue is, we will dedicate ourselves to fixing it for you in a timely manner. Call Express drains today to schedule an appointment, or if your pipes are currently thriving, put us on speed dial just in case a problem arises in the future!

Professional Drain Cleaning & Sewer Cleanout Services

Drain Cleaning

We are experts at drain cleaning and drain unclogging services.

Fast & Reliable

We offer drain cleaning services in Warminster and the rest of the Philadelphia area. Call us!

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Hydro Jetting

We offer hydro jetting services to clean your toughest clogs.

Clear Your Drains

We offer hydro jetting services in Warminster and the rest of the Philadelphia area. Call us!

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Sewer Cleanout

We are experts at cleaning and clearing sewer line clogs.

Sewer Drain Experts

We offer sewer cleaning services in Warminster and the rest of the Philadelphia area. Call us!

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Grease Traps

We are experts at commercial grease trap cleaning services.

Stay Sanitary

We offer grease trap cleaning services in Warminster and the rest of the Philadelphia area. Call us!

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We offer plumbing video camera inspection services.

Identify Clogs

We offer camera inspection services in Warminster and the rest of the Philadelphia area. Call us!

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