Can I Use a Liquid Drain Cleaner on My Home Plumbing?

If you’ve ever tried to remove clogs from a drain in your home, you know the process can be frustrating, to say the least. Sometimes, you end up wrestling with the plunger for hours, only to accomplish little to nothing in terms of actually solving the problem. And the more frustrated you get, the more tempting it is to find a shortcut. 

While big-box store chemical drain cleaners may seem like a simple solution to your clogged drain, cleaning chemicals such as liquid drain cleaners are actually worse for your plumbing. Read on to learn the truth about your drainage system and why “liquid plumber” chemicals are no substitute for professional drain cleaning services. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes

Liquid drain cleaner should benefit your pipes, right? In fact, it’s the other way around. Many of our clients seeking drain cleaning services in Warminster, PA, are surprised to find that liquid drain cleaners actually cause damage to your pipes. Even the hardiest metal pipes can be affected by the caustic chemicals in liquid drain cleaners. While you may not notice the effects initially, over time, liquid drain cleaners will damage your plumbing and eat away at the lining of your septic tank. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Ineffective

If liquid drain cleaners worked to clear away tree roots, food waste, and other drain clogs, professional plumbers would actually use them — but if you ask just about any professional in the industry, they’ll tell you using chemicals is actually relatively ineffective on top of causing damage. Instead of damaging your drainage system, try a home remedy like pouring boiling water down the drain or using baking soda and vinegar to clear out the clog.

Chemical drain cleaners are also ineffective because there is a substantial difference between drain cleaning and drain clearing. For your system to truly work efficiently, you want a professional plumber to evaluate which option best suits you and how your pipes might benefit from a thorough clearing or cleaning.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Cost You MORE

The cost of a bottle of liquid drain cleaner seems small, but the damage it will do to your pipes, sewer lines, and plumbing means it is not worth the seemingly helpful chemical reactions. Replacing or repairing your entire plumbing system will cost you big time. Instead of assuming that buying chemicals is a good idea, call a plumber to service your drains.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Harm Your Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you’re probably familiar with occasionally unclogging your kitchen sink drain due to food waste or other backup issues. However, using a liquid drain cleaner is a huge mistake if you want to take good care of your garbage disposal. The components of your garbage disposal are very sensitive and should not be exposed to liquid drain cleaners as they can make the metal, rubber, and other materials in your disposal deteriorate.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Whether or not you live with children and/or pets, you probably don’t want to inhale toxic chemicals. Many commercially available liquid drain cleaners have a whole host of dangerous ingredients suspected to cause everything from eye damage to certain kinds of cancer. Just getting a drop of certain kinds of liquid drain cleaners on your hand for a brief moment can cause itching, irritation, or chemical burns. Don’t risk keeping dangerous chemicals in your home when you don’t have to — especially when it’s the smarter choice anyway to call the professionals.

Don’t DIY — Rely on Express Drains!

The next time you’re dealing with a clogged drain, put down that toxic bottle of liquid drain cleaner and call up the pros for service. Here at Express Drains, we’re available for service anytime, so you don’t have to worry about any plumbing emergencies. We hope to hear from you soon and get your plumbing back to normal!

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