5 Advantages of Video Inspection for Pipes

These days, professional plumbers can use video technology to solve plumbing issues without damaging pipes or masonry efficiently. Plumbing problems are not always easy to detect; however, video drain inspections allow plumbers to explore the inner workings of a plumbing system and identify the best way to solve any problems that their cameras identify.

Below are five advantages of video inspections for pipes:

Easy to Locate Issues or Damage

Without a clear plan of where problems are occurring, plumbers struggle to determine how much damage has been caused. This can be very frustrating and take a significant amount of time to figure out. Video inspections make the entire process more efficient and straightforward.

Camera and Video

The human eye can only see so far into a pipe, and it certainly can’t see around corners. Technology has made searching these areas much easier as the camera can work as a “third eye” for the plumbing professional. Video also provides substantial evidence of the conditions that your pipes are in; therefore, it is an essential tool.

More Informative

Once all the information has been gathered and processed from a video, the plumber can make a quick decision on what action needs to be taken. For example, of a blockage is spotted, the professional plumber can typically decide how to clear it, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

Prevent Unnecessary Digging

Now that camera technology makes it easy to locate plumbing problems, homeowners don’t have to worry about unnecessary digging. In some cases, the camera itself can push the blockage through the system.


Prevention is key when it comes to drainage problems. There are two ways a problem can be fixed: before it occurs, or after it occurs. The latter will cost more money and take more time in just about 100% of cases. By working with a video camera inspection team, issues can be identified and solved long before they become severe.

For additional information, or to schedule a video inspection for your pipes at home, contact a member of the Express Drains team today.

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